Surgical Extraction in San Juan Capistrano CA

Extractions are recommended only when a tooth has suffered extensive decay, damage due to injury, extra molars, or overcrowding problems that cannot be resolved with restorative treatments. At Capistrano Dentistry in California, we perform comfortable extractions and make your experience as stress-free as possible.

Why Surgical Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary?

Surgical extraction may be necessary when a tooth cannot be removed in a simple procedure. The reasons for surgical removal include an impacted wisdom tooth that has become embedded below the gum line, a tooth that has stuck deep into a socket after incurring a facial injury, or extensively damaged teeth that have little or no intact structure. The surgical extraction of teeth may sound intimidating, but with today’s modern procedures and anesthesia, the procedure has become relaxed.

What Is Involved in a Surgical Extraction?

Review Medical History 

Before the extraction, we will review your complete medical history. If you are already on medication for other chronic conditions, we may ask you to temporarily stop using them for a few days before the procedure. This is done to prevent the risk of prolonged bleeding in the extraction area. 

Administer Anesthesia

To ensure a comfortable surgical tooth extraction, we will administer local anesthesia to numb the section around the tooth. We also offer sedation techniques like nitrous oxide to relieve your anxiety. 

Incise and Elevate Gum Flap 

If the tooth is not visible or only partly visible, we will expose the tooth with gum incision and elevation.

Separate the Tooth

The tooth is separated from the socket’s ligament fibers by using special dental tools. If needed extra bone tissues are also removed around the tooth.

Section the Tooth 

Next, the tooth is sectioned into pieces and removed safely without disturbing the surrounding nerves.

Remove the Tooth 

A unique dental tool called an elevator is used to loosen the tooth and expand the bony socket. We will gently remove the tooth from the socket, taking out tiny pieces to ensure smooth removal.

Apply Pressure to Control Bleeding

There are no significant arteries in tooth sockets, so the bleeding that follows tooth extraction is usually minimal. However, we can further control and minimize this bleeding by applying pressure and gauze to the area.

Post-Operative Instructions

It is very vital to take proper care of your mouth, especially after surgical tooth extraction. We will give you instructions and prescribe painkillers and antibiotics to ensure speedy healing.

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