CEREC Crowns in San Juan Capistrano CA

CEREC crowns can help conceal tooth impairments like a crack, chip, or enormous filling, protect a root canal-treated tooth, or cover a dental implant. At Capistrano Dentistry in California, we can get your crown fabricated and secured in just one day. Our innovative CEREC technology allows us to capture high-resolution images of your tooth, create your new permanent crown, and attach it to your tooth in just a single visit to our office.

Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Crowns 

CEREC technology has modernized the restorative process. It was created keeping the patient's needs in mind to make their dental experience as pain-free as possible. Some of the benefits to using CEREC crowns include:

  • The treatment can be accomplished in a single session
  • Less costly and time-saving
  • No painful injections 
  • The need for untidy molds is eliminated
  • Digital impressions with an intraoral scanner
  • The natural tooth structure remains intact
  • Longer lasting crowns and may last over ten years
  • Reinstates teeth to natural beauty, function, and strength
  • Metal-free restorations

CEREC Process at Capistrano Dentistry

CEREC uses CAD-CAM technology to design and fabricate customized crowns during a single visit to our office.

Exam and Preparation

Before getting started, Dr. Ghassan Mehtar will determine if the CEREC procedure is suitable for you. Based on the healthy tooth structure remaining, we will decide on the same-day crown. We will begin by giving anesthesia and preparing your tooth for restoration by removing decay and diseased tooth tissue.

Digital Impression

A 3-dimensional picture of the tooth that needs restoration will be created from a digital scan to make the crown. This three-dimensional picture will be used to create the crown. The CEREC 3D software then transforms the digital photos into a three-dimensional graphic model of the prepared tooth.

Milling Unit

This device is used to create the customized crown needed for the tooth. Based on the original color of your tooth, our team will select the same colored porcelain block, and in a matter of a few minutes, the milling unit will fabricate the crown.

Placement of Crown

After the crown is made, it is ready to be tried on to make sure that you get the correct fit and bite. When everything is finalized, the crown is polished and bonded into place. Therefore, no temporary restoration is required, saving you time and money.

CEREC crowns can restore the aesthetics of your smile in a single day.

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