Laser Dentistry

Ever since its introduction, laser dentistry has been receiving a lot of accolades from everywhere around the world. This technology is used to perform both hard tissue and soft tissue procedures. It leads to faster recovery, improved healing, and treatment on both healthy as well as diseased tissues such as gums diseases, cold sores, and others. Once you visit our dental clinic and our dentist diagnoses your oral concern, they will start the procedure using this technology. The lasers may vary in terms of the light technology being used. 

Soft Tissue Laser 

Soft tissue lasers can absorb hemoglobin and water, which makes them suitable to treat different problems associated with your soft tissues. These lasers also include Neodymium YAG with diode lasers that help in killing the bacteria present in the mouth and reactivating the growth of your tissues. 

The laser technology works by penetrating the soft tissues by sealing the blood vessels and lining the nerve, thus encouraging faster healing. 

Procedures Involving Soft Tissue Laser 

Treatment of Gummy Smile 

Soft lasers are used to restore your smile by reshaping the tissues of your gums associated with a gummy smile where much of your smile remains covered by the gums. 

Crown Lengthening 

This procedure helps reshape both bone and gum tissue to provide a stronger tooth structure that allows assistance with placing rehabilitation on your teeth. 

Tongue Frenulum Attachment 

Our dentist performs soft tissue laser in treating tongue frenulum attachment in children. This surgery helps all the children whose small frenulum makes them tongue-tied, thus improving their ability to speak. 

Removal of Soft Tissue Folds 

Soft laser technology is also used to remove soft tissue folds or wrinkles from ill-fitting dentures without leading to stitching or pain. 

Benefits of Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry 

  • When our dentist uses soft tissue laser dentistry to treat your problem, it involves a reduced need for stitching. It also reduces the chances of bleeding. 
  • Some procedures related to soft tissue laser dentistry do not require anesthesia. 
  • There is a lower risk of bacterial infections in the procedures involving soft tissue laser dentistry. It is because such technology decontaminates the site of the treatment. 
  • Soft tissue laser dentistry also leads to faster recovery. It is possible to reconstruct your soft tissues after the procedure. 
  • When our dentist performs such procedures on your tissues, it doesn’t harm the enclosing tissues. 
  • Laser dentistry procedures also keep the patients relaxed and calm. 

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