As modern dentistry progresses, new technology and cutting-edge equipment have become available to make dental care more comfortable, convenient, and precise. A good example is the iTero Intraoral Scanner. This game-changing piece of advanced technology in dentistry changed the vision for dentists and orthodontists, allowing them to work more effectively and efficiently.

The iTero intraoral scanner scans the patient's mouth and takes images to create 3D dental scans in a few minutes. This device is simple to use, can be operated by one person, and produces effective results. The scans produced are extremely detailed and far superior to typical two-dimensional imaging. Dentists use these scans to build exact physical models for restorative dental work like crowns, veneers, and dental implants. iTero scanners are also widely used to scan patients with numerous orthodontic issues.

The scans can be exchanged with other practitioners and third-party companies so that when all relevant parties have access to the scans, they will be able to communicate more effectively to enhance patient outcomes.

How Does an iTero Scanner Work?

The device comes with a hand-held wand that has a camera at its tip, which captures multiple frames that are further clubbed together to create a 3D visualization of your mouth. You will just have to sit comfortably on the dental chair while the dentist moves the wand around your mouth. The entire scanning procedure takes 2-3 minutes. The wand makes it possible to scan the teeth at the back of your mouth that earlier were very difficult to reach.

The screen that comes with the equipment shows the images taken in real-time. The screen also shows whether the scans taken are perfect before they are saved and submitted to the lab. This feature saves the patient and the dentist from a lot of frustration and time wasted. This is because in the past if the scans or impressions taken were inadequate, dentists would receive word from the lab two-three weeks later.

Benefits of iTero Scanner

  • The process of scanning teeth using an iTero scanner is quick and hassle-free.
  • The dentist and the patient can both see the oral images directly on the screen.
  • The images acquired by scanning them on this instrument have remarkable precision. In high resolution, even the tiniest details can be captured. This groundbreaking technology has aided dentists and orthodontists all around the world in developing the optimal treatment plan for their patients.
  • The images obtained by the scanner are used to manufacture orthodontic appliances such as Invisalign.
  • The wand that comes with the scanner is moved around the patients' mouth. Patients no longer have to put a gooey substance in their mouth to make an impression of their teeth. 

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