Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is one of the many advancements in dentistry. It is a dental device used by dentists to assess and diagnose oral health issues and show the patient the interior of their mouth. Intraoral cameras are widely used in dental offices as an alternative to the regular dental mirror. It is about the size of a pen and allows dentists to view clear and precise images of your mouth, teeth, and gums.

Some widely ranged features of the intraoral camera include magnification, led light, curing light for composite, fluorescence to detect the various stages of caries, plaque, gingival inflammation, and pictures and video features. With an intraoral camera, it's much easier to understand what is happening in the mouth that standard mirror examinations may sometimes miss.

Applications of Intraoral Camera

The primary purpose of an intraoral camera is to evaluate and diagnose oral health concerns. Some other applications of the intraoral camera include:

  • It is used for oral cancer screening. Heavy alcohol drinkers and smokers are at high risk of developing oral cancer. This camera is very helpful in detecting lesions or tumors that depict oral cancer. The photos taken during the screening can be sent to the specialist for better assessment and diagnosis. These pictures give the actual description and measurement of the lesion or tumor inside the mouth. It is better than the traditional dentist's notes that rely on how the dentist sees the lesion or tumor.
  • It is used to give the patient knowledge of their oral concerns. Many dentists use these cameras to educate their patients about their oral health as they can see their mouth's condition. This helps the dentist in discussing them with the patients and how they can be prevented.
  • The intraoral camera's photographs and videos will serve as a foundation for the patient's oral health state. With the images on file, the dentist will determine whether previous dental procedures have improved the patient's dental health condition.

Benefits of an Intraoral Camera

  • Intraoral cameras are compact and easy to manipulate. It becomes easy to see the corners of your mouth, which are not easily visible with the naked eye or dental mirrors.
  • Intraoral cameras are also helpful in tracking the success of treatment after the procedure is complete.
  • Pictures taken can be sent to a specialist or insurance company as needed.
  • An intraoral camera can be used to convince a patient to undergo dental treatment. The patient can see the condition of their mouth with the pictures taken by the camera. This helps the dentist in explaining the condition to the patient and the importance of curing it.

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