Digital X-Ray

At Capistrano Dentistry, we support environmental-friendly practices, including digital dental X-rays for our diagnostic needs. These digital X-rays offer better analysis and viewing, with significantly lower exposure levels to radiation.

Digital X-rays use controlled radiation pulses to develop images of the jaw, mouth, and tooth structures. They are beneficial to detect unerupted permanent teeth and imaging root structures for orthodontic preparation.

What Can Dental X-rays Detect?

Dental x-rays are used to detect:

  • Issues related to tooth development such as extra or missing teeth, malformed teeth.
  • Presence of tartar causing gum disease.
  • Decay of teeth that are not easily visible in the mouth.
  • Physical injuries causing tooth and bone fractures.
  • Position of teeth next to nerves and sinuses.
  • Presence of abscesses or significant infections.
  • Issues with existing fillings, crowns, root canals.
  • Position of wisdom teeth. 
  • Tumors, cysts, or cancerous tissues.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-ray

Digital X-rays are an essential component of good oral hygiene. Our dentist at Capistrano Dentistry recommends X-rays depending upon the risk of tooth decay and the patient's age. The benefits of digital X-rays include:

Reveals Hidden Areas

It reveals hidden areas of decay in the mouth that cannot be detected with a visual dental examination. It helps diagnose decays below existing restorations or between teeth, gum disease, bone infections, cysts, and tumors.

Safe and Healthier 

They offer multiple intra-oral x-rays with up to 85 percent less radiation exposure. It eliminates the harsh chemicals associated with traditional radiography and helps in our motto to keep the environment safe and healthier.  

More Accurate and Better Image Quality

The dentist takes an x-ray of your mouth using a small sensor, and highly detailed images of your teeth are displayed instantly on the computer screen. The image can be enlarged, sharpened, and colorized to diagnose dental problems more effectively and draw out suitable treatment. It reduces the time spent capturing x-rays, and our patients spend less time in the chair.

Digital Storage of Reports for Tracking

It offers an added advantage of retaining patients' digital files to be reviewed instantly at any given time and keeping track of the progress during the treatment. It helps to visually confirm changes related to tooth movement, bone loss, dental fillings, root canals, and restoration work.

Digital Dental X-rays Procedure

Dental X-rays allow a full-service examination and thorough diagnosis. We will usher you into our X-ray room for your X-ray session, and a lead shield will be placed over your body. Next, you will bite down on a type of film to enable the X-ray machine to discern inside your mouth with clarity. Based on the results of the X-ray data, we will suggest further treatment.

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